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The Cylinder Mill is a product of Carpenter Innovations, LLC., a company created by Bobby and Becky Carpenter to bring their unique and innovative ideas to you. 

The idea for The Cylinder Mill came from a love for woodworking and empty pockets. Tenon cutters can be very expensive, and Bobby loves making log furniture. He came up with the idea of using the table saw to cut tenons, then realized this newly created tool could also debark logs, create blanks for turning on a lathe, cut dowels of virtually any size, and even form the most difficult shape in woodworking: the tapered cone; and do the exact same piece over and over again, even from rough logs.

We invite you to join the Carpenter Innovations family, and see for yourself why we have never had a Cylinder Mill returned. We hope you will find The Cylinder Mill to be everything you're looking for...and more! 


PO Box 1455

Monroe, NC 28111-1455

Tel: 704-774-7536


Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm EST

Sunday: 12.30pm-5pm EST 

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