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Frequently Asked



How large of a cylinder can be made?​


The range is from 1" all of the way up to around 12" in diameter. (Keep in mind that there is a weight limit of 60 lbs). The length is determined by the track. The track is known in the electrical industry as "unistrut." It comes in 10-foot lengths and can be purchased at your local Lowes or Home Depot on the electrical aisle (Be sure to get the square stock and not the flat-rectangular).


Can you attach a motor to the Mill? 


The shaft is made of 1/2 inch cold-rolled steel. It will accommodate a 1/2 inch drill chuck. If you wish to attach a motor, we recommend a hand-held, variable speed drill. For the vast majority of the time, you will find the crank handle to be the best option because it allows a controlled feel. For smaller stock having less mass, a faster, motorized speed might be advantageous. Use your better judgment and always err on the side of caution.


Part of my order is missing


Occasionally we have had some parts that didn't get placed into the bag. If this has happened to you, contact us and we will ship them out asap!


Will the Cylinder Mill damage my table saw or dull the blades faster?


When used properly, there is no reason this would ever damage your table saw. Many think that the sideways pressure will cause more wear, but there is little to no pressure, as the wood is cut away before that happens. The blade lasts as long as it would with conventional use.


Do the tracks (Unistrut) come with the Cylinder Mill?


No, the unistrut is not included with the Mill. The weight and size of the unistrut makes it impractical and expensive for the customer if we were to ship out with the Cylinder Mill, especially considering the material is easily available at any big-box hardware store for an affordable price. 


Why can't I do the same thing with a lathe?


Short answer: You can—if you have a large lathe and excellent lathe skills. But making cylinders and cones on a lathe is time-consuming and can be dangerous if you're a novice. Unless you are doing turns and coves, the Cylinder Mill will undoubtedly be a cheaper, easier, more precise, and faster option than a lathe. Even skilled lathe owners will find the Cylinder Mill to be helpful because of the speed and accuracy in creating blanks.


Can you start with square stock?


Absolutely. You can start with a rough log or square—it doesn't matter. The Cylinder Mill is designed to create a cylinder, tenon or cone from any shape of wood.


Can I track my order?


Sure! Contact us at any time for a tracking number. We ship USPS, and most orders take between 2-4 days in the U.S. and up to two weeks internationally to arrive. Orders now ship within three business days of purchase.


What table saw blade do you recommend using?


We recommend a finer finish saw blade (more teeth) for a smoother cut. We have yet to find a blade that does not work well, though. The difference is in the finish. Rough cut blades with fewer teeth leave a product that requires more sanding. A good bet is to purchase a general-purpose blade with a minimum of 32 teeth.


This looks like a tool I could make myself. Why buy it?


The Cylinder Mill looks simple, yes. But the precision tuning and troubleshooting we have put into making a consistent tool is what is not immediately visible. Several of the parts are custom made to exact specifications and have been balanced and measured to precise tolerances to make sure you get the perfect cut you're looking for. If you are an accomplished metal worker, you could put something together that would work, but when you're finished making it, you'll wish you had just purchased a Cylinder Mill! 


Can it make a tapered cone?


Each end of the Cylinder Mill can be height-adjusted to create cone shapes as well. Just raise or lower one side to create the desired taper. The crank handle can be attached or removed from either end to allow feeding in both directions without removing the wood stock.


Delivery - How much is it and how long does it take?


Shipping costs vary depending on the location. We recommend starting the checkout process to see what the shipping will be, and use that to determine if you would like to make the purchase. Handling time is three business days, and shipping can take between 2-4 days in the U.S., and 2-3 weeks internationally.


Is there a warranty?


The Cylinder Mill has a one-year manufacturer defect replacement warranty. This is in addition to a 30-day refund period if you don't like the product (minus shipping costs). But we really have tried to make a tool that is precise, simple, and versatile, so hopefully you won't be needing either of these! We've never had one returned yet!

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